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Homage to Earth: Hidden Treasures by Teresa Seabra

During one of her last visits to India, Teresa Seabra met an old man who had been collecting wonderful dendritic agates since his childhood. He then confided her with great sadness, that none of his successors cared about his treasure. She so decided to take some of them, working with these mysterious stones by combining them with others, with tiny Basra pearls and rough little diamonds writes Ilaria Ruggiero. Necklace: Hidden Treasures I, 2016 Oxidized silver, dendritic agates and crystal rock Necklace: Hidden Treasures II, 2016 Gold, dendritic agates and amber Agate is the name given to numerous varieties of banded Chalcedony,

Digital Training Programme 2024

Call for Applications: Digital Training Programme 2024 Crafts in the Digital Age: Mastering Innovation and Sustainability Are you a craft practitioner and want to explore the intersections of traditional crafts making and cutting-edge digital technologies? WCCE, in collaboration with the Distributed Design Platform, invites you to participate in the second edition of this transformative learning experience. Program Overview Duration:  Two months, from February to March 2024. Format:  Online masterclasses and collaborative working sessions with 12 thematic capsules containing 8 workshops Hosts:  Expert facilitators from the Distributed Design Platform and the Fab Lab Network, including Teresa Georgallis, Stefanie Edelhofer, Davide Onestini, Secil