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The Shape of Eros

Lore Langendries’ work balances between the unique and the serial with a particular focus on the tactile and physical of artefacts, the behavior of material in combination with digital technology and her own intuitive role as a maker. Central to her work is the use of geometrical forms by showing the essence and beauty of animal hides in their most elementary forms writes Ilaria Ruggiero. Her work focuses on different type of leathers, treated by obtaining pieces always very balanced and minimal, where the living element, the material, becomes strictly connected with the body and its sensuality. I asked her few This [youtube

Amethyst Crush for February Birth Babies

One of the most revered stones for centuries, amethyst crystal is one of the most treasured variety of quartz. With its stunning tones of violet-purple and its rich history saturated with medieval lore and legendary powers, few crystals are as distinctive as arresting amethyst. Today, amethyst is classified as a semi-precious stone but throughout history, many ancients regarded it as a "Gem of Fire", worth as much in value and beauty as a diamond. Believed to carry energies of passion and fire, creativity and spirituality, amethyst has always been associated with the month of February and the Roman water-god, Neptune.