Knowing where to get what can be half the battle. Here we created a signpost list of trade suppliers offering a wide selection of tools, bullion, findings etc...

Bullion Suppliers

Baird & Co

Bellore Rashbel

Betts Metal Sales


Palmer Metals

Fairtrade Refiners, Casters, Manufacturers & Suppliers

Cookson Precious Metals
Contact person: Rob Taylor

Contact person: Alan Frampton

Hockley Mint
Contact person: Gary Wroe

S&P Trading
Contact person: Patrick Schein

Vipa Design
Contact person: Peter Crump

Weston Beamor
Contact person: Glen Day

Finding Suppliers


Bellore Rashbel


Euro Mounts & Findings

Rohm GmbH & Co KG

Hobby / Crafting

International Craft

Laser Welder Suppliers

Rofin Baasel

Oxygen & Gas

Tuffnell Glass


Tool Suppliers


Eternal Tools

HS Walsh

Rio Grande

W J Sutton


Stones & Beads

Marcus McCallum

Marcia Lanyon

If you would like to have your business listed here please email us.