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Micro-Flame Model 60

For Sale: Micro-Flame Model 60 Micro-Flame Model 60. Like Walsh's product code TS702. It looks as new and I've kept it in the same place next to my bench. It hasn't been used for over 12 months so it will need servicing before use. There are 6 microflame tips included with the machine.  The Micro Flame gas generating soldering unit is one of the best known and well respected pieces of equipment used in the jewellery trade. These soldering units use distilled water as a fuel and by a process of electrolysis, produce an oxygen/hydrogen gas. This gas then passes through a solution, to

Flame Off 2019

Flame Off 2019 31 May - 2 June 2019 Uttoxeter Racecourse, Staffordshire Over the last seven years we have brought hundreds of glass beadmakers together in 2 halls over one weekend to play with glass and fire (sounds like a safety officers nightmare!) Ever wondered how some of the top artists work things like fine stringers? or what their encasing techniques are? Upstairs in the top hall we have the best worldwide lamp work artists demonstrating infront of cameras which seats 150 people, those images are beamed onto large high definition screens making it very easy to watch

Johnny Rocket Jewellery: A Contemporary Vision Online

A new chapter is now being written with the launch of the Johnny Rocket website, encapsulating classic collections alongside newly created collections. The website introduces the diversity of Johnny’s designs and makes them widely available for the first time. Johnny is bringing his personal touch and quality of service to the internet, blending technology & tradition with a contemporary vision. With the advent of this new ecommerce site, he introduces Renaiscemento Rose: a signature women’s collection alongside the new androgynous Flame collection. Johnny relaunches his perennial classic original Swallow and classic 1950s Sci-fi inspired debut Space collection with the addition

Spirflame 205HP Microflame & Polishing Machine With Extraction For Sale

Spirflame 205HP Microflame & Polishing Machine With Extraction For Sale Spirflame 205HP Microflame Generator Micro Welder: This Swiss made microflame generator has a powerful, highly adjustable and electronically stabilized output producing a stable and precise flame. It can easily run two torches/operators by manifolding the gas output hose with plastic T-connector and adding an extra torch. The maximum permanent gas rate is 200 ltr/hour and the gas pressure range 0.4 – 1.5 psi. It comes with one twin-booster, one torch, 10 nozzles (3 never used) sizes 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24(x2), 26, a 5lt MEK canister (about