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Marcia Lanyon Talks Briolettes

Providing a flash of light through a faceted earring or the gentle sheen of a polished pippin in opaque semi-precious stones, briolettes and pippins are a wonderful way to use gemstones in jewellery.  These dangling treasures show off the cutter’s skill with the same cut or polished finished on all sides while being drilled to one side of the stone in order for it to be suspended from wire or thread or mounted with a cap. Cuts Delicate marquise-shaped or flattened drops cut with either an oval section, round-section chubby ‘onions’, or long delicate top-drilled pippins are just a few

The most spectacular pieces from Paris Haute Couture week

The most important week in fine jewellery is Paris Haute Couture week, where - at the beginning of July - all of the biggest jewellery maisons showcase their latest collections. In this article, we’ll show you some of the most spectacular designs from Cartier, Chanel, Dior, Chaumet and Louis Vuitton writes Jodie Smith.   Cartier’s ‘Magnitude’ collection is full of briolettes, angular motifs, amd appendages emulating rays of light and explosions of colour.   In this line, the brand has chosen to play with the contrast between a host of different types of materials; gems, minerals and precious stones.  

Ruby Suite By Bina Goenka

Bina  Goenka’s  extraordinary ruby lariat is a piece that requires close inspection to understand its intricacy. At first sight, it’s a thick rope of red and white, sparkling here and there with diamonds and culminating in generous tassels of ruby beads. Close up, however, the lariat reveals itself to be made up of hugely complicated structures of the tiniest beads wired into foliage-like shapes.   “It took four years to source all the rubies, of which there are nearly 2000,” reveals the Mumbai-based designer.  They are a mixture of beautiful, very small Mozambican ruby beads and  briolettes , all high