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Marcia Lanyon Talks Briolettes

Providing a flash of light through a faceted earring or the gentle sheen of a polished pippin in opaque semi-precious stones, briolettes and pippins are a wonderful way to use gemstones in jewellery.  These dangling treasures show off the cutter’s skill with the same cut or polished finished on all sides while being drilled to one side of the stone in order for it to be suspended from wire or thread or mounted with a cap. Cuts Delicate marquise-shaped or flattened drops cut with either an oval section, round-section chubby ‘onions’, or long delicate top-drilled pippins are just a few

Marcia Lanyon going going... almost gone

One of the UK’s industry’s leading figures Marcia Lanyon might be winding down her much loved business but customers have no reason to worry about being left in the lurch, she says. The 69 year-old gemmologist, who is one of the leading suppliers to jewellery designers and makers in the UK, announced her retirement last week having carved out an unrivalled reputation for sourcing precious stones from all corners of the planet. Over a period of 40 years, she has built up an enviable mailing list of around 7,000 clients but says none will be left high and dry when