What's In A Face: Jewellery With A Personality

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It's an unusual trend that's been circulating amongst fashion bloggers for some time now without any indication of slowing down.

So the jewellery trend in question, becoming a permanent fixture upon our instagram feeds is the usual and obscure outline of faces. Discreet? No. Chic? Yes, yes, yes!

It's hard not to be drawn to the artistic, abstract and boldly creative shapes and patterns of this trend. With oversized facial features, blurred uneven lines and imperfect placement of embellishment, the more obscure the design, the better!

From earrings, rings to pendants, the fun face trend takes its inspiration from the impressionist faces of Pablo Picasso - original, bold and steeped in confidence.

Face it, for a touch of bold charm guaranteed to turn a head or two, check out our top picks of the face jewellery adorn yourself with this season!

From left to right: Gemstone Face Choker, Gold Face Blue Droppers, Mutliple Face Gem Gold Droppers. Blue Gold Face Ring

From left to right: Gold Face Droppers, Face Outline Long Droppers, Black Face Droppers with Purple Stone, Multi-Coloured Face Necklace

From left to right: Blue Face Droppers, Blue White Stripe Earrings, Long Gold Pearl Earrings, Gold Outline Elephant Earrings

From left to right: Gold Face Long Necklace, Single Gold Necklae, White Stone Gold Face Droppers, Gold Solid Face Earrings

Image and credit sources: Pinterest, whowhatwear, huffingtonpost, net-a-porter, luisaviaroma


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