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With a world focused on revolutionising health, wellbeing and lifestyle antidotes, it was only a matter of time before our strive for balanced health was intermingled with the jewels we wear. Carefully designed to enjoy the benefits of wellbeing remedies whilst still remaining sleek, chic and elegant, aromatherapy jewellery is taking the spotlight in innovative creativity.

Niche Jewellery designers are tapping into the growing trend of therapeutic jewellery that combines the healing properties of gemstones and essential oils.

It is thought that elements from nature can help realign our vibrational energies to help aid healing of health, chakras and energy meridians.

Elements of nature such as essential oils and natural stones vibrate at a high frequency, benefiting our physical state and emotional centres in a powerful way. 

Infusing high-energy essential oils into our jewellery collections as a means of meditative purpose can help rebalance and uplift its wearer.

Acting as a personal diffuser, the oils embedded within the porous natural stones will release their properties microscopically onto the skin of its wearer which in turn will help amplify the aromatherapy benefits upon our wellbeing.

Whether you're already a centred yogi fanatic or a burnt-out city slicker, amplify your restorative health in high energy aromatherapy jewels...

From left to right: Gold multi-chain Necklace, Red Gold Locket with Blue StonesGold Moroccan Print Locket

From left to right: Silver Green Tassel Necklaces, Gold Labradorite Bar Necklace, Silver Turquoise & Howlite Necklaces

From left to right: Silver Dream Catcher Lockets, Grey Flower Tassel Necklace, Boho Tree Diffuser Locket

From left to right: Coloured Diffuser Lockets, Silver Om Diffuser Locket, Rose Quartz Mala Tassel Necklace

From left to right: Silver Black Lava Drop Bracelet, Black Lava Stone necklace, Silver Aromatherapy Pom Pom Necklace

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