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A much-loved reference point for creative design and inspiration for interiors, tech to fashion and jewellery; it's hard not to pinpoint a designer who hasn't used the beautiful intricacies of nature to inspire a collection of artistry.

Not only are their shapes, patterns, textures and sizes unique and different between creatures, plants, flora and fauna but so are the architectures around where they inhabit across the continent. To say there is a wealth of inspiration in nature would be an understatement!

Beautiful incarnations of garden biodiversity are some of the most widely used within jewellery collections. Intricate, colourful and dainty floral designs interlaced with fresh greens and delightful garden insects  in fine jewellery.

Designs range from delicate designs to the bold and flamboyant, resplendent in all gemstone colours imaginable. Designers use their skills to their advantage by playing and juxtaposing gemstones of different cuts to mimic the wide variety of foliage and rich bouquets found in nature.   

This summer we see both fashion and fine jewellery unite with a fairytale version of nature, rich in feminity, personality and playfulness.

With enormous bold faceted gems of rainbow colours to miniature bejewelled animals, we've picked the best of the bunch, eschewing a fusion of colours and design for chic and stunning elegance!

From left to right: Gold Lotus and Green Jewelled Beetle Earrings, Jewelled Tortoise Short Necklace, White Lily Studs with Green Jewel, Brushed Silver and Green Bejewelled Wrap Snake Bracelet

From left to right: Crystal XL Seahorse Earrings, XL White Lily and Heart Dropper Earrings, Long Gold Chain with Gold and Coral Shell, White Lily and Crystal Bib Choker

From left to right: Gold Swirl Snake Earring with Red Jewel, Shell and Pearl Droppers, Long Beaded Necklace with Large Shell, Silver and Diamond Snake Ring

From left to right: Gold and Diamond Lobster Earrings, Bejewelled Beetle Earrings with Gold Droppers, Red and Black Snake Cuff, Painted Green and Black Beetle Ring

From left to right: Gold and Red Poppy Enamel Bracelet, Jewelled Beetle Earrings with White Beaded Tassels, Floral Bouquet Earrings with Light Green Jewel Drop, XL Pink Flower Brooch

From left to right: White and Yellow 3-Flower Droppers, Pink Flower Droppers with Octopus Studs, Multi-Coloured Daisy Chandelier Earrings, Yellow Perspex Flower Earrings with Beaded Oval Studs

Image and source credits: Pinterest, katerinaperez, dailymail, charlottefive, matchesfashion, luisaviaroma, farfetch


Sarah Salmon


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