Reigning Royal Ruby for July

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Arguably the most famous od red-coloured gems and often referred to as the king of precious stones, Ruby is the birthstone of those lucky enough to be born in July.


This precious stone is one of four 'precious' gemstones accredited to its rarity, carat value, hardness and vitality; the others being diamond, sapphire and emerald. Ruby is derived from the Latin word 'Rubeus' meaning 'red' and throughout history, these fiery coloured gems have been treasured for their vitality and rich colour.

Ruby is the red variety of the corundum family, coloured by the presence of chromium. The presence of chromium also causes its fluorescence. It is this property that gives ruby its common description of 'glowing like fire'.

Whilst chromium gives this stone its showstopping properties, it is also what makes ruby a precious and scarce stone to come by due to causing many fissures and cracks. This means that rubies are rarely able to grow large enough so those that are able to crystallise into fine quality gems demand an incredible industry price.

Rubies found with hardly any inclusions are crowned in royal monetary values at auction, classified as even more precious and rare than same- category diamonds. However, rubies containing imperfections and visible inclusions are still favoured as precious symbols - their unique 'fingerprints' being so unique and individual that they truly are one-of-a-kind.

The rarest and precious ruby is the star ruby, also known as dove blood or pigeon due to its resemblance to the blood of a pigeon in hue found within Burma's Mogok Valley. Its fine blood-red colour containing a hint of deep bluish purple remains to be one of the most sought-after, alongside its formation of a six-ray star in perfect symmetry.

Whilst many fine rubies are mined in the Mogok region in Burma, the Mong Hsu of Myanmar began producing rubies in the 90s after discovering that heat treatment helped to improve and amplify the colour saturation in rubies. Rubies are also found - though in less frequency than Mogok - in places such as Thailand, India, Tanzania, Russia, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Afghanistan to name a few.

Measuring 9 on the Mohs Scale of Hardness, ruby is only second to diamond and moissanite in terms of hardness and durability. Due to its strength, Ruby not only makes for a great gemstone in everyday jewellery but it is commonly used in watchmaking, lasers as well as medical instruments due to its ability to withstand daily wear-and-tear.

For centuries, Ruby has been regarded as a powerful stone of energy, love, passion and providing a passionate power and zest for life for all of mankind. A secondary element often associated with Ruby alongside fire is blood, whereby Ruby is thought to restore and increase energy and courage. 

It is no surprise then that those born in July are thought to be lucky to be associated with the birthstone of Ruby. A precious and important stone associated with wealth, success, love, life and more, Ruby really is the reigning royal gemstone to gift this July!

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