On The Rocks: The Statement Cocktail Ring Soaked in History

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As the temperatures outside begin to wind and cool down, the autumnal season trends are heating up to bolstering attention and flamboyant glamour. New season forecasting ushers in a new era of historical jewellery revival; a statement jewel like none other - the striking Cocktail ring.

Dramatic, eye-catching and somewhat ostentatious, the cocktail ring is the epitome of excess which first found a name for itself as a symbol of independence and rebellion against the Prohibition over a century ago. 

A bygone era, 1920s America was a time of tension and excess between deep rooted morals of the world war and an upheaval in new social and economic laws. The cultural dynamics of the prohibition gave way to a time of the luxurious, the opulent and the illicit. Society advanced to celebrating their taste of freedom in all ways that were heavily frowned upon by leadership: gaudy accessories, unusual fashion cuts and styles, the wearing of makeup as well as a plethora of alcohol fuelled cocktail parties.

Women began wearing bigger-than-life jewels as a way of power-dressing and enhancing their presence. Like most fashion trends derived from the pursuit for attention and controversy, the cocktail ring became the it accessory for partygoers.

In celebration of an era of burgeoning freedom, women embraced the changing roles in society by wearing flamboyant and bold cocktail rings in order to draw attention to the illicit cocktail beverages they were sipping. The cocktail ring became the ultimate accessory of exuberance as a way for women to flaunt their growing independence.

Traditionally worn on the right hand, these large ornamental ring became a status symbol and flouncing non-conventional standards of vintage beauty and charm. Innovative techniques, abstract shapes and intricately set micro-pave coloured gemstones makes cocktail rings ever as arresting and wondrous nowadays. From the bizarre and bold to the delicately dazzling, the cocktail ring remains to be the comeback accessory to suit any look, style or personality.

Paired with a LBD and a glass of bubbly prosecco or paired down with dark wash jeans and a turtleneck, the cocktail ring will add a touch of eccentricity to any look and makes for one innovative and glamorous jewellery not staple!

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