Not Just For The Queen: Girl With The Pearls

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Not only for the ladies who lunch at Selfridges on a Tuesday, pearls are irrefutably the emerging trend to reign supreme on the fashion runways this fall. Not one to take no for an answer, the pearly presence has always remained in low-level limelight behind the scenes but it seems the time has come to breath a fresh wave of innovative air into the timeless ocean-bread adornment.

Long gone are the days of prim, poised and proper with the return of the pearl showcasing new generation inspired design through larger than life iridescent balls married amongst chunky military jackets, sports luxe and edgy vintage denim.

After all, who said sophistication and grunge can't mingle and match? Often it's the unexpected that struts away with a show-stopping breakthrough and this season it's the girls with the pearls who are doing just that!

Get inspired by the style foray of fashion week month by fastening the clasps upon chic layered necklaces cascading with bold and brash pearly gems, subtle and sexy cuffs encrusted with pearls and matched with casual flirty pleat skirts, pearl adorned earrings mixed with off-set coloured metals and edgy ear cuffs in geometric shapes laced with dainty pearls.

The runways are certainly walking the fashion whisper that pearls are worth your investment through the unlikely marriage of chunky eclectic shapes, mixed metals and past-era darling pearls.

From left to right: Pearl Choker, Chain Pearl Tassels, Velvet Choker, Crystal Pearl Anklets

From left to right: Pearl Leaf Necklace, Pearl Disc Earrings, Pearl Drop Choker, Tassel Drop

From left to right: Multirow Charm Necklace, Bee Swing Earrings, Flower Pearl Choker, Velvet Pearl Choker

From left to right: Pearl Mesh Choker, Pearl Torque Necklace, Pearl Multirow Chain, Pearl Shaker Hoops, Open Ball Pearl Cuff

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