Nailing The Crystal Look In Geode Goodness

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With the runways awash with the footsteps of hundreds of models in new season thigh high boots, houndstooth print seen left right and centre and bold granny chic adornments dangly from polished and preened earlobes, fashion week has once again descended upon our calendars!

Last fall the jewellery and beauty worlds came together in all their tantalising trends to bring us spellbinding galaxy nail art and geode lips.

Makeup artists have made it easier for you to take your covetable crystal collection everywhere with you by drawing inspiration from the world's prettiest gemstones and turning it into gorgeous geode nail art.

Anything involving dazzling embellishment or beautiful crystals and this geode nail trend will have you looking like a eclectic gemmology lab. Arguably more practical and wearable than crystal encrusted lips, geode nails opens up a whole range of glorious designs and inspiration to recreate a look of geological crystal beauty.

What makes this beautiful style so perfect for the everyday fashionista is that a steady hand of artistic precision is not required to nail the look. Take a spin on traditional nail art designs and techniques like marbling, rich jewel colours of the rainbow, delicate gold foil and eye-catching glitter shimmer.

Slip into the world of magical crystals and gemstones and get ready to recreate your nails into gorgeous gems of beauty.

Need some inspiration? We've put together a geode nail look book of fabulous fall inspiration entirely for your viewing pleasure - get ready to dazzle by wearing your crystal collection!

[Image credits: Pinterest, refinery29, popsugar, elleuk, businessinsider, cosmopolitan]


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