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From 11 until 17 March 2019, Munich Jewellery Week will showcase avant-garde contemporary jewellery by established and up-and-coming designers from all over the world. This yearly gathering is by far the most significant event on contemporary jewellery’s calendar; it’s a unique phenomenon, which plays a pace making role in the contemporary jewellery field. Hundreds of makers, students, educators and collectors come from all over the world to be inspired by this diverse programme that ranges from artist-run exhibitions, book launches and lectures to performances, mobile presentations and parties.

We highlight some of the most interesting exhibitions in the very packed schedule!

Die Neue Sammlung invited Karen Pontoppidan (Denmark, 1968), jewellery artist and Professor at Akademie der Bildenden Künste München, to curate their annual jewellery exhibition in the glass dome of the Pinakothek der Moderne. The exhibition titled SCHMUCKISMUS showcases recent works by 30 international jewellery artists. Moreover, all the 30 artists designed and produced one piece especially on the occasion of this exhibition. Every object on show stands out for its engagement with and exploration of social phenomena. Pontoppidan’s concept for the exhibition was born out of her deep conviction that the rigid political and religious “–isms” off today call for a careful review.

exhibition In Memoriam Bruno Martinazzi (1923 – 2018) invites friends and admirers to contribute, to remember this outstanding personality who tried to combine ethical ideas, philosophical view points and a profound knowledge of different authors from antique time to our days with a tireless seek for a sculptural expression, a figure to transmit deeper thoughts about life and peace through the medium of jewellery. Rare are these persons, though many artists long for similar strength.

With Bruno Martinazzi we lost one of the most significant „old“ masters of contemporary jewellery. He represented a classical and modern approach, focussing since the 1960s on body fragments, cut images and their interpretation as eternal icons of beauty and spirit. The 

In the exhibition Finding Dodo you will enjoy some new jewellery pieces by Jelizaveta Suska, Marion Delarue, Märta Mattsson and Lore Langendries. These artists all have their own unique way of transforming natural materials through experimental and digital techniques to create man-made and modern curiosities. In materials like mother of pearl, amber, dried insects and fur these jewellery artists seek to trigger our ideas of how humans perceive the world and our heritage. With their pieces they are leaving a bewildering footprint of artefacts for a future species to marvel over and to comprehend.

For an immersion in the complete program of exhibitions and events please check:

About Munich Jewellery Week

Munich Jewellery Week is an independent initiative that supports and communicates the yearly citywide jewellery exhibitions that run parallel to Handwerk & Design expo, and its historic jewellery exhibitions: Meister der Moderne, Schmuck and Talente.

Title Munich Jewellery Week was coined in 2015 by Current Obsession to give a name to this extraordinary collective effort, and associate it to other professional fashion and design weeks around the world.

The aim is to represent the multitude of these impressive independent events as a whole, to give them a recognisable visual identity and to offer clear information to new participants, press and international visitors.

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BenLignel, THANK-GOD

Eunmi Chun Brooch, Panda

Goeran Kling, Replicaone

Hanna Hedman

Jing Yang, Ichbinkeinevase

Merlin Klein, Bohrkern

Nanna Melland, 687 Years

Shachar Cohen, Rated

Finding Dodo

Lore Langendries, Face(t) #3

Märta Mattsson, Nosferatu and Stinky

Marion Delarue, Sangtu

Jelizaveta Suska, Rebirth 3

About the Contributing Writer

Ilaria Ruggiero is a cultural manager and curator working in the field of contemporary art. She is the founder of Adornment - Curating Contemporary Art Jewelry, a curatorial integrated project dedicated to contemporary art jewelry. It aims to develop the knowledge and consciousness of contemporary jewelry as artistic discipline and as ground search for technique, aesthetics, and philosophy.


Ilaria Ruggiero


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