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Luz Arias has been dedicating herself to jewellery since 1999 and during her career she also becomes curator of the "Puro Diseño" fair, thus acquiring a formal sensibility towards both project and creativity writes Ilaria Ruggiero

She meets the glass almost by chance becoming her perfect alter ego, as often happens to those who are attracted to and approach this material, so concrete but so elusive. From the moment she starts working with glass, she improves technique and aesthetics in a personal and unique way.

A bit in general, and especially in her work, Luz does not aim to dominate the evolution of the form, but often the creation takes place also leaving the glass to express itself freely. This combination of formal control and the spontaneity of both shapes and colours makes her pieces unique and unrepeatable.

Rings and necklaces are characterized by fullness and solidity, alternating with lightness and transparency of colour. Sometimes it is difficult to recognize the glass, given the plasticity of the material.

A peculiar characteristic of her work is the use of colour and its combinations, which varies from full and intense tones, to almost graphic designs and incursions, to nuanced transparency.

Lastly, her most personal and conceptual creations are probably the glass chains, which deconstruct the essence of the chain as an object that forces, holds and binds, to make it instead glowing and bright artefact.

About Luz Arias

Luz Arias studied Architecture and Fine Arts at the UNT (Universidad Nacional de Tucumán).
In 1994, she began her training in contemporary jewelry with Roberto Pulvirenti. At the UCSD -
University of California San Diego, she assisted to a lost-wax casting course. Then assisted to a
stones setting course, with Miguel Mindlis and from 2000 to 2005 to a platinum hand-made chains
course and workshop with Carmen Rodriguez Pelliza. Since 2016 she has attended many workshops and seminars on flame working glass and glass blowing with Javiera Yañez, Ferran Collado, Agustina Ros and Ami Lamaire at Urban Glass NY as well as many workshops in Argentina and abroad. She has participated with her pieces in
many individual and group exhibitions. She is the former curator of the “Puro Diseño” Fair.Today AND works in contemporary jewelry organizing workshops and jewelry lessons.

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Luz Arias

About the Contributing Writer

Ilaria Ruggiero is a cultural manager and curator working in the field of contemporary art. She is the founder of Adornment - Curating Contemporary Art Jewelry, a curatorial integrated project dedicated to contemporary art jewelry. It aims to develop the knowledge and consciousness of contemporary jewelry as artistic discipline and as ground search for technique, aesthetics, and philosophy.


Ilaria Ruggiero


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