Knuckling Down The Look: Midi Rings

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Mysterious, laid-back, nonchalantly cool and nailing the cool girl status by being entirely noncommittal in following the status quo...say hello to the middle rise of the midi ring. 
This dainty but fierce finger accessory sauntered her flirty flair upon the fashion scene during the boho boom early last year but instead of nestling back down into the fashion wardrobe awaiting a resurgence to emerge, this little minx has rebelliously fixed herself upon the mainstream trend agenda and is here to coax us round her middle finger once more!

Just like the charcoal ribbed midi skirts you've been sashaying around in, these chic little knuckle dusters settle and flaunt their style stakes midway between the tip of the finger and your first knuckle. Kinky. 

The midi ring first made her flighty appearance during the Renaissance where men and women alike fashioned such knuckle flashers as a symbol of renowned social status and aristocracy. A creative emblem of cushty wealth, it was thought that the more finger adornments one wore, the less manual labour they were able to do - obviously the notion of simply removing said sparkling rocks was an unfathomable thought. If that is the case, considering the number of rings we wear on the daily here at Benchpeg, any washing up duties and such chores should be assigned to the measly underbodies shuffling around the where is that man of mine?

There's something sophisticated and understated about the elegance of midi rings which designers are homing in upon through the emphasis upon contemporary design in a multitude of ways. The simplicity of midi rings allows an individual to personalise their style and work their ring game around the wardrobe they wear. Conceptual, daring midi rings can be fashioned in singular limelight to emblazon and showcase the shapes, metals and bulbous designs of each piece whilst smaller, dainty midi rings can be stacked to go "big and bold", reflecting a creative and playful ode to the visionary style of the wearer. 

Go on, commit to the big-screen bijoux of the midi-ring and let your fashion game rise to striking middle heights with this focal point of fun...

Get some middle ground in your life with these high street sparklers...

From left to right: Sparkle V Midi rings: Accessorize,  Wave Midi ring: etsy, Textured Midi Rings: Claire's, 3 etched Midi rings: Forever 21, Ohm ring: etsy

 From left to right: Etched Rings: Forever 21, Celestial Set: Accessorize, Silver Knuckle Stack: etsy, Venetian Midi: Accessorize, Stone Rings: Accessorize

All images sourced & copyrighted to Pinterest, Brooke Cagle, Giulia Bertelli @ Unsplash  


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