It's Written In The Stars

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For a magical jewellery trend that's written in the stars and studded in mesmerising diamond sparkle then peak through your jewellery scope into a blanket night sky star studded with a cluster of iridescent astrological gems.

Sending the jewellery forecast into faraway orbit, govern your astrological fate by wearing the power of the cosmos as we fly into the hemisphere of the festive season of mischief!

This star-inspired jewellery trend has struck the winter catwalks in sparkling elegance from demure and classic daytime subtly to bold and sultry nightie dazzle; there's a comic constellation aligning in the fashion skyline to pop a sizzling spark into any jewellery personality out there! 


Take a peek at the majestical cosmic collections we've caught through our jewellery lens and get inspired to dazzle in time for Fireworks night! 

It's time to shine like a star and soar like a firework into the fashion forward season of all things glitter!

She shoots, she soars...!

From left to right: Moon & skull pin, Silver satellite earrings, Sunburst crystal studs, Rendez-vous moon watch

From left to right: Black diamond star watch, Celeste earrings, Rhodium silver star earrings, Yellow diamond jewellery watch

From left to right: Starburst earrings, Diamond star earrings, Vermeil & diamond studsCluster solitaire studs

From left to right: Gold plated crystal earrings, Shooting Star ring, Star search necklace, Celeste ring, Starburst zirconia earrings

From left to right: Rose-gold shooting star earrings, Sparkle star cuff, Moon ear cuff, 24:7 Star necklace

[All photos sourced & copyrighted to pinterest, harrods, john lewis, Net-a-porter, accessorize, selfridges, solange, chanel. jaeger-lacoultre]


Sarah Salmon


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