Hypnotic Crystal Lips: Where Jewellery Meets Beauty

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Striking gemstones have been setting hearts all aflutter as they dazzle, glitter and shine round the necks, wrists and dainty fingers of models strutting the fall runways.

Nothing quite beats the majestical beauty and subtlety of semi-precious crystal stone jewellery that never fails to capture the magpie eyes of the jewellery world.

The enchanting light refractions that encompass the delicacy of the gemstone spectrum have been entwined into a new and bewitching creative innovation where the wearing of coloured stone just got magnetising.

Capture the passion for coloured stones by painting a new twist upon this old tradition by taking the dream-like glitz and glimmer to your beauty bag. Iridescent shimmer and dainty stone brilliance have been staining the beauty world in bodacious charm with geode design kissing the fashion world with beguiling new-wave creation.

Spreading like wild fire across the feeds of social media, Benchpeg have scoured out the top looks for holographic inspiration featuring the iridescent and mesmerising skills of @missjazmina, @genevievejauquet, @beyou.byjoh, @beautybypasiley and @lou.von.bright!

Get inspired where the resplendent wonders of nature meet the beautifully fearless lip artistry...

[All photos sourced & copyrighted to Pinterest, pixabay, lou.von.bright, Missjazminad, genevievejauquet, beyou.byjoh, beautybypaisley]


Sarah Salmon


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