Hot Watch: The Pieces to Clock onto this A/W'18

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Just like shop windows and displays are getting dressed up in a flurry of new autumn vibes, designs and style, the watch world has struck our magpie eyes with an array of buzzy, exciting and charasmatic designs guarenteed to make you kickstart the autumn fun with a bang!

Whilst the watch world likes to tick to its own beat and not follow the fashion whimsies of our ever-changing seasons, it is without a doubt as much as a fashionable accessory as the new it bag of the season!

Whether it's pantone-selected colour combinations, intricate, structural design or modern updates on a vintage and classical form, there's a 2018 timepiece made for everyone out there!

Here are the top a/w'18 watch trends to keep your eyes peeled for as your new season shopping spree hour chimes out...


Green is the new black

Earthy colours like green and brown have been the recent buzz in the accessories world, trumping the traditional ever-loved blue hues.

Rich, fresh and stylishly cool, wristwatches have undergone a much needed lift with designs flirting with a subtle yet dramatic green overhaul.

From left to right: Green and Silver Dial Wristwatch, Green and Gold Black Strap Watch, Green Bee Dial Wristwatch, Green Strap and Black Dial Watch, Silver Strap Green Face Watch, Forest Green Wristwatch

Androgyny: Boyfriend Chic

With the fashion world favouring the 'boyfriend' look, it seems that it's no different when it comes to the watch you wear.

Many designers have captured this latest look by amping up the sizes to almost 40mm for women. Alternative ways of getting in line with the look adrogyny is selecting pieces that are heavy and dramatic based on their shape, case shape and colour.

From left to right: Blue Dial Silver Strap Wristwatch, Steel Grey Gold Dial Watch, All Black Wristwatch, Silver and Rose Gold Dial Wristwatch

Bold Gold

Yellow Gold has been pushed to the forefront of the fashion world with the resurgence of 1980s big, bold and glitzy timepieces.

Gold-tone options showcase a striking touch of elegance to any individual look - from bold and decorative to understated, slimline design. A touch of vintage design injects timeless charm into any modern timepiece.

From left to right: Chunky Chain Gold Wristwatch, Yellow Gold and Diamond Watch, Gold and Diamond Square Face Wristwatch, Gold Round Watch with Black Dial, Braided Gold Watch

Rainbow Candy Colour

When it comes to colour this season, the sky really is the limit! Beautiful waves of canary brights and tropical hues were seen on watch straps and decorative gems on the fashion runways.

A pop of colour everytime you glance at the time will help brigten up not only your mood but your outfit too!

From left to right: Holographic Colour Wristwatch, Gold and Yellow Watch, Violet Wristwatch, Red Strap Multi-Colour Face Watch, Blue, Gold and Diamond Wristwatch, Blue Ice White Wristwatch


Beautifully elegant and unusual, one of the biggest watch trends of 2018 is the skeletal designs showcasing the internal wheels and gears for all those to see.

Whilst some may prefer the internal elements to remain on the inside, there's no doubt that these timepieces lay bare nothing but pure artistry and watchmaking talent.

From left to right: Black and Gold Skeleton Wristwatch, Chunky Silver Skeleton Watch, Fine Chain Skeleton Wristwatch, Grey Leather Skeleton Wristwatch, Black and Silver Skeleton Watch, White Skeleton Wristwatch

Multi-layer Wrap

Leading a charge in the world of horology are multi-wrap watch straps. Double wraps suit those who want to dip their toes into a layered look, triple wraps for those a little more brave and for those real risk-takers out there, quadruple wrap straps are the one for you!

With exotic leather to delicate gem-set dials, when it comes to this multi-wrap piece, the longer the strap, the better!

From left to right: Brown and Black Multi-Strap Watch, Black Studded Wrap WristWhite Embossed Strap Wristwatch, Green and Red Strap Watch, Silver Wrap Around Wristwatch

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