Golden Fever for New Season Refinement

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Simplistic. Elegant, Timeless. Classic yellow gold is making a comeback within a new wave of modernist jewellery design, making it the perfect accessory for adding a touch of complimentary refinement to the new season. 

What comes to mind when someone mentions gold accessories is times-past bandwagon of big, bold and unashamedly in your face. Fast forward to 2018 and the hustle-bustle of life makes for no down-time so jewellery that works for day-to night ease and wearability is top of our priorities.

Yellow gold has undergone a sleek new makeover with the mood of pared-down delicacy sweeping brash and loud showstoppers as a thing of the past. Designers these days are not necessarily taking a "less is more" approach, but rather refining their designs to arrive at aesethically-pleasing subtly.

Dainty frameworks of metal alloys combinations in oval, rectangular and star shapes are brought to life with tiny pave diamonds and gemstones. The end result? A simple yet luxurious piece of perfect proportions in terms of design, material and detail which remain timeless. 

With colour spectrums making a bright return to our wardrobes this season, gold jewellery - from yellow, rose to white gold makes for a perfect finishing touch to accentuate your look.

Take a look at our favourite gold drops to the jewellery world this season and remember, if it's gold then you can do no wrong!

From left to right: Long Circle Chain Droppers, Brushed Gold Embellished Bracelets, Multiple Drop Earrings, Gold Beaded Tassel Droppers, Solid Gold Shell Necklace

From left to right: Double Brushed Droppers, Shiny Globe Cuff, Large Oval Abstract Stud, Hoop Thick Studs

From left to right: Multiple Knuckle Duster Ring, Thick Chain Choker, Butterfly Wing Stud, Chunky Gold Pendant Necklace

From left to right: Long Fine Chain Droppers, Gold Short Lotus Necklace, Sun Burst Earrings, Gold Cut Out Oval Droppers

From left to right: Plated Pendant Choker Necklace, Gold Twisted Ring, Cermaic Charm Necklace, Abstract Gold Pendant

From left to right: Large Circle Studs, Gold & Jade Droppers, Double Wheat Branch Earrings, Gold Charm Bracelet

From left to right: 3D Gold Flower Hoops, Big Bead Choker, Lotus Fan Circle Earrings, Mixed Gold Heart Pendant Chain Necklace

From left to right: Abstract Gold Face Droppers, Gold Chandlier Droppers, Thick Gold Hoops, Graduated Gold Circle Droppers

Image and source credits: Pinterest, matchesfashion, net-a-porter, luisaviaroma


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