Enchanting Opal

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It's no secret that Opal is a stone boasting many admirers worldwide, a beauty that's easy on the eye and can look delightfully demure and delicious even in the simplest of outfits.

Displaying all the colours of the rainbow, opal is coveted and celebrated for its beautiful iridescence and striking display of patterns.

The official birthstone of October, Opal metaphysically symbolises hope and purity and is thought to a protective stone by keeping its wearer safe from danger. Opallios is the Greek word for Opals meaning 'To see a change of colour".

The flashing play of colour you see in opal is caused by diffraction of light by silica spheres stacked like tiny ping-pong balls in a box. The variation in size, arrangement and pattern of these spheres are what are responsible for the colour of opal.

Varying greatly with their colour of fire, opals that display an abundance of red is usually among the most expensive.

Equally as beautiful, but less rare and expensive are those strong in blue and green. One of the rarest types of opals is the Harlequin opal which displays patterns of colour that resemble those of a checkerboard.

Due to its iridescent beauty, opal is among one of the most wildly popular choices of stone of many jewellery designers. Due to its delicate formation and water content, opal is a porous stone that requires some care to prevent any scratches, blows or overdrying.

A phenomenon called 'cracking' is common whereby the opal stone becomes too dry and cracks; thereby wiping away any value of the stone.

With its random iridescent effects, beautifully mermaid- colours and ability to bring even the most simple of designs into enchanting fruition, here are our top picks of the newest opal pieces to hit the jewellery market!

From left to right: Pink Marble Opal Droppers, Diamond and Blue Opal Fringe Pendant, Blue Charm Bracelet, Gold and Blue Opal Bobble Locket

From left to right: Pink Heart Opal Ring, Blue Opal and Diamond Cuff, Bright Blue Round Ring, Pale Pink Paisley Shape Studs

From left to right: Black Pebble Opal Encrusted Droppers, Opal and Yellow Gold Ring, Green Opal Palm Droppers, White Opal and Gemstone Heart Ring

From left to right: Blue and Silver Dropper Necklace, Pink Opal and Diamond Long Decadent Droppers, Blue Opal and Gold Bracelet, Blue Opal and Diamond Abstract Earrings

From left to right: Blue Opal Drop Shape Ring, Opal and Purple Gemstone Droppers, Blue Opal Double Gold Chain Bracelet, Short Blue Opal Necklace

From left to right: Graduated Blue Opal Stone Bracelet, Round Opal and Turquoise Studs, Three Step Opal Studs, Oval Light Blue Opal Gold Droppers, Gold Blue Opal ring Band

From left to right: Pink and Yellow Gold Chunky Bangle, White Opal Band Ring, Opal and White Saturn Dropper Earrings, Blue Opal, Star and Galaxy Ring

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