Diamonds Are Forever: The Birthstone of April

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It's true that diamonds are a girl's (and guys) best friend, especially as those fortunate enough to be born in April have one of the most treasured birthstones in the gem world: Diamonds.

Diamond Overview

Diamonds attain the reputation of being most of the most prized and rare gemstones due to their level of toughness. In fact, diamonds are 58 times harder than any other mineral on Earth and can only be cut by another diamond.

Diamonds are made from only one element: a pure carbon lattice which can occur in several colours including pink, yellow, red, green and blue. Ranging in intensity from vivid to pale hues, diamonds that are saturated with more colour generally demand higher value and retail prices.

Whilst most diamonds have a slight tint of yellow, the pure colourless variety of diamond is incredibly rare, making it highly desirable. On the other hand, diamonds saturated in vivid colour and shiny lustre can sometimes demand an equal price to a colourless variety of equal carat.

With colour being intrinsic to the creative industries, colour is often introduced within a laboratory to make fancy-coloured diamonds. With adamantine lustre and possibly the greatest shine of any cut and polished gemstone, diamonds have remained the industry's favourite for jewellery design and in the use of engagement rings.

Historical Background

Diamonds have been treasured and admired for centuries as symbolic blessings to society. This is partly due to the extreme conditions and temperatures that diamonds undergo beneath the earth's crust. Through volcanic kimberlite pipes, the carbon element is then forced upwards until it is then mined by man.

Diamonds were first made popular by Indian moguls where ancient civilisations believed them to be symbolic symbols of lightning on earth. This would help explain why diamonds have long-been associated with powerful healing properties.

Historically, many ancient believed diamonds could cure serious illnesses, brain injuries, cleanse the pituitary gland to draw toxins out from the blood. Throughout society, diamonds have also been linked to the planets of Venus and Mars. Warriors engaging in battle would often wear a string of diamonds as a symbol of their strength and protection. Ancient Greeks believed that diamonds would strengthen the muscles of its warriors which is where the translation for diamonds, being "invincible", derives from.

Diamonds Today

These days, the diamond remains to be one of the most chosen stones used in engagement rings. Symbolising lasting eternal love, the diamond remains to be a favourite for sentimental gift as an  enduring token of promise and beauty.

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