Chopard’s 2019 Red Carpet collection showcased at Cannes film festival

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For the 2019 Red Carpet Collection, Caroline Scheufele, co-president and artistic director, has chosen Love as her inspirational theme. “LOVE: when Chopard exalts the finest emotions” writes Jodie Smith.

The Cannes film festival marks its 72nd year in 2019, and which the fine jewellery and luxury watch has house has been the official partner of since 2007. The luxury house does not only dressing actors and celebrities for the red carpet in these unique designs, but Chopard also creates the Palme D’or statue for the festival each year.

Eschewing the traditional interpretations of ‘love’ in jewellery design, the main lines within this enormous collection don’t pay tribute to rubies and hearts - save for the ‘Superb Diamond’ suite - but instead offer a modern reading of this theme. Pink sapphires, tourmalines, amethyst, tanzanite, tsavorites and topaz are among the spectrum of gems which create the bright, exotic colour palette of pinks, purples, blues and greens of Chopard’s 2019 Red Carpet collection.

“LOVE, the theme of this Red Carpet collection, celebrates love in its most diverse forms. From the people around her to the animal and plant world, from art history to research and innovation,” Chopard asserts.

The ‘Orchid’ suite is an extension of the line which was first introduced at Cannes in 2018 by Cate Blanchett on the red carpet. This year, smaller, single orchid bloom variations are offered in different colourways - with coloured titanium in chromatic pink or purple.

The line which has thus far garnered the most attention this year - first introduced to the press at Baselworld - is the ‘Exceptional’ suite, consisting of a necklace, earrings and ring, set with tanzanites, Paraiba tourmalines, amethysts and diamonds.


The swirling, paisley like motifs within this statement necklace, as well as in the ‘Stylish’ suite and the ‘Divine’ necklace are an aesthetic theme which continues throughout Chopard’s high jewellery designs.

Pear cut diamonds and gemstones appear several times, emulating the larger concentric circles in which the gems are set; the ‘Extravagant’ suite, the ‘Fabulous’ cuff bracelet, and the ‘Divine’ necklace and the ‘Exceptional’ suite all exploit the romantic beauty of this teardrop shape gemstone and diamond cut.

On the Cannes red carpet, enormous, headline-grabbing earrings have become the jewellery du jour, with actors Julianne Moore, Elle Fanning and Brazilian model Izabel Goulart all choosing them. While Izabel’s earrings were part of Chopard’s Haute Joaillerie Collection - of which new pieces are also showcased at Cannes - Julianne and Elle both wore creations from the Red Carpet collection.

Julianne Moore’s earrings featured pear shaped emeralds of 24.62 carats and a 24.22 carats respectively, accented by more than 20 carats of diamonds and  an additional 10 carats of emeralds. Elle Fanning wore Red Carpet Collection earrings featuring diamonds weighing a total of 38.83 carats set in 18k white gold.

For high glamour jewellery, Chopard’s Red Carpet Collection introduction at Cannes is a highlight each year. If you’re a fan of dramatic designs, enormous carat weight creations and combinations of vivid colours in fine jewellery, the coverage of the Cannes red carpet is the perfect opportunity.

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