Chocolate Hour Strikes

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Boldly versatile, uniquely captivating and an understated way to make any ensemble sizzle with heat; chocolate brown is the new black, darling.

From warming champagne tones, whipped cocoa butter accents to earthy, rich hues of fertile soil, the striking world of ticking timepieces is heating up its embodiment of everyday elegance by indulging our sweet teeth with wristwatches coated in seductive shades of chocolatiers finest.

Fashion is a conveyor-belt world of trends, forecasts and collections and the world of wrist wear is keeping watch. With changing political settings, changing attitudes and changing faces, it seems about time for a switch up in the timepiece field.

Say hello to captivating cashmere tones of caramel blended with glossy dark liquid chocolate crafted into beautifully luxurious ceramics of time-keeping. This tasty trend of delicate craftmanship and exotic accents is a complimentary seasoning to a plethora of outfits and rainbow of skin tones.

Inject a touch of classic charm and allure by setting your sights upon a timeless investment coated in the velvet tones of the sweet chocolate confections that inspired them. Quit wasting time and prepare to indulge your insatiable sweet tooth with a touch of velvet chocolate wrist candy!

From left to right: Track Rose Watch, GC Sport Chronograph Watch, Guess Horizon Watch, MK Gage Watch, Montblanc Heritage Spirit Watch

From left to right: Jack Mason Nauticl Watch, Ingersoll Leather Watch, MK Caitlin Gold Watch, Armani Ion-Plated Watch, Ingersoll Steel Watch

From left to right: Rebel at Heart Watch, Chimera Bronze Watch, Brompton Chronograph Watch 

From left to right: Nixon Kensington Watch, Oris Skeleton WatchU-Boat Crabon Watch, Coach Bleecker Watch, Boss Steel Watch

From left to right: Glam Rock Sobe Watch, Rado Coupole Watch, MK Chronograph Watch, Tissot Leather Watch, Armani Steel Watch


Sarah Salmon


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