Chaumet’s new ‘Garden of Earthly Delights’

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The maison’s latest pieces celebrate nature in all its forms writes Jodie Smith.

The French maison was founded in 1780, in Paris, and its prestige was quickly certified when they became the official jeweller to Empress Josephine. In the 235 year history of the brand, Chaumet has been faithful to its natural inspiration, with numerous iterations of this theme.

In this new series of pieces, Chaumet celebrates flora and fauna with a whole host of jewellery designs, including captivating brooches and cocktail rings which are perfect for occasionwear. These latest jewels vary wildly between the traditional, vintage style brooches of the ‘Les Espiègleries de Chaumet’ line, the hyper-modern and wearable ‘Bee My Love’ pieces, and the 18th century inspired ‘Laurier’ collection

The ‘Bee My Love’ line has been extended with new editions, including the immediately recognisable geometric honeycomb motif - which is revealed anew through a change in perspectives and new designs such as pendants and earrings. 


These are intended to be mixed and matched with the pre-existing iconic rings and bracelets.

It’s not simply that Chaumet is enamoured with bees - in fact the bee is the Maison’s prized imperial emblem.

The ‘Attrape-Moi’ line pays homage to the bee in the most spectacular fine jewellery style; with unprecedented coloured stone combinations of the insect’s iconic stripes.

The brooches in ‘Les Espiègleries de Chaumet’ collection feature irreverent and familiar natural scenes reinterpreted in find jewellery: such as diamonds spilling from a spade, a fruitful harvest blooms, and a diamond water drop falls from a watering can. Dappled with coloured stones, these are the kind of jewels that make for cherished gifts for the green thumbed people in your life!

The ‘Laurier’ collection is one of the most famous from Chaumet, owing in part to the fact that this symbol of immortality and victory held great importance for the Empress Joséphine. The latest ‘Laurier’ designs continue in the same timeless, feminine veil as the earlier iterations, and are all embellished with pavé diamonds set in rose gold.

Echoing back to the wheat sheaf tiaras loved by Empress Joséphine, the ‘L’Épi de Blé de Chaumet’ collection features rings, bracelet, earrings and brooch complete this cluster of gold and diamond cereals.

Continuing the profusion of natural motifs, Chaumet present a bouquet of cocktail rings within the ‘L’Épi de Blé de Chaumet’ and ‘Bee my Love’ lines, alternately featuring violet sapphires, morganites, rubellites, amethyst, blue and green tourmaline, aquamarine, citrine and in a variety of precious metals, while the ‘Broche Œillet’ men’s carnation brooches in diamonds and white gold.

Chaumet’s profusion of new pieces demonstrates the brand’s dedication to maintaining and updating the traditional codes of the house, with the inclusion of large, bright gemstones in the ‘L’Épi de Blé de Chaumet,’ line, the wearable precious metal and lightly embellished diamond designs of the new ‘Bee My Love,’ and humorous vignettes of the ‘Les Espiègleries de Chaumet’ pieces. 

About the Contributing Writer

Jodie Smith is a writer, journalist and editor specialising in fine jewellery and the luxury industry. Jodie is interested in the cultural nuances that inform the jewellery we wear and the jewellery we covet. As a keen creative writer, her interests in literature and politics shape her picturesque writing style.


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