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The main talking point for jewellery 2020? Sustainable fashion. 

From necklaces, rings, bracelets to ear cuffs, the use of humble materials were leading the way to align with the world's movement towards a sustainable future.

As more and more consumers become aware of the effects of over-reliance on fast fashion, the more tuned in designers are becoming on the importance of embedding sustainable fashion materials throughout their designs. 

One way designers are playing with sustainable design is simply doing more with less! Infusing creativity with resourcefulness will see many-a collections tuning down the extra details and refined features and simply utilising the patterns, shapes and textures of natural materials.

Eco-friendly alternatives are replacing diamonds, precious metals and sparkly accents so expect to see lots of eye-grabbing collections get a revolutionary make 'down' with stone, raffia, wood and shell taking centre stage this season. 

We've picked out our top pieces that have stolen our hearts (and purse strings) this spring season - let us know which is your favourite piece in the comments below!

From left to right: Yellow Oval Droppers, Wooden Flower Droppers with Ball Accents, Wooden Ball and Gold Cascading Earrings, Gold Necklace with Shell and Charm Pendants

From left to right: White Shell Ring with Coloured Gemstones, Blue Striped Leaf Droppers, Raffia Bib Necklace with Black Stones, Silver Choker with XL Rough Silver Detail

From left to right: Short Gold Necklace with XL Shell Pendant, Gold Hoops with Green Shell Droppers, Pink Clam Earring with Pearl Droppers, XL Gold Shell Ring

From left to right: Pink Raffia 2-Disc Droppers, Wooden Shaped Stack Bangles, Long Wooden and Gold Half Fan Necklace, 3/4 Wooden and Gold Hoops

From left to right: Blue Rope Bracelet with Gold Elephant, Blue and Red Raffia Shell Droppers, White Teardrop Flower Droppers with Pink Gemstone, Oval Wooden Earrings

From left to right: Fine Gold and Shell Pendant Anklet, White Flower Chandelier Earrings, Gold and Pearl Hairband, Green Rope Bracelet with Dragonfly Charm

From left to right: Pearl Bracelet with Pink Shells, Silver and Bronze Shell Dropper Gold Hoops, Wooden Elephant Pendant, Gold Choker with Gold and Blue Shell Droppers

Image and source credits: vogue, ecowarriorprincess, net-a-porter, matchesfashion, farfetch


Sarah Salmon


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