A Treasure of Sentiment

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"Jewellery is like a biography. A story that tells the many chapters of our life."

There's no doubt that as a nation, the power of our minds has a lot to answer for in how we talk, we walk, we meet, greet and relate. The fleeting emotions we experience on a day-to-day basis help build the individuals we become through experience and curate the interpersonal relationships of who we cross paths with.

Arguably the mind is our emotional powerhouse which holds our most treasured memories; from the time you first played truth or dare, that time you got punished for answering back, your awkward first kiss to the enigmatic tingles of falling in love.

Memories, they're the tenacious elixir that keep our beating hearts honest.


"Jewellery is like the perfect spice - It always compliments what's already there." - DVF


Someone once told me that fate and love works in mysterious ways beyond our will but that those who grace our lives mould us, educate and enhance us and that when their love becomes only but a memory, that memory is an embelm to treasure. Whilst visual memories can alter, fade and distort, there is also a limitless world of physical objects that express sentimental value reminding us of the people, places and feelings we hold close to our hearts.

Objects of sentiment such as a copper plated coin, an antique book of knowledge or a piece of precious jewellery can act as powerful triggers of imagination, emotion and propensity. They act as beautiful symbols of times' past; metaphorical time machines emblazoned with the power to take your mind and heart to wherever it needs to go.


"Jewellery adds richness, Another layer in the storytelling, Think of Elizabeth Taylor and Jacky Kennedy - Jewellery can make moments iconic." -  Kelly Framel 


For years Jewellery has been cut, filed, polished and bevelled with the creative freedom of expressive symbolism. They can be worn as a comforting reminder to those we have loved and lost or as a symbol for the individuals whom we cherish deep. A piece of jewellery acts as a subjective metaphorical object of emotional reminder. A symbolic piece of jewellery can look like any old junkyard vintage find to others but what makes a keepsake so magical is that behind the simplicity lies a physical representation embedded with secret meaning and a powerful adornment of emotional expression. Sentimental jewellery can often communicate and speak far greater than any eloquent words ever could and imprints an expressive and articulate bridge of self expression.

Memories seldom fade away but the gift of physical sentiment is like a collective touchstone that never stops burning bright.  Your turn...do you have something you thought was simply just a materialistic object but on a deeper level attaches itself to an inner sentiment?

A keepsake is a simple and understated way of carrying an abundant sense of solace in every step or simply a thoughtful token of affection if gifted to another as a treasure of endearment.


"Memory is the diary we all carry about with us" - Oscar Wilde


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Sarah Salmon


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