A Maison with a View: Discover Paris through the Eyes of Boucheron in the new 'Paris, vu du 26' Collection

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In their latest collection ‘Paris, vu du 26’, high jewellery heritage, Boucheron, transports you to romantic, bustling Paris- taking you on a personal tour of spectacular landmarks and architecture that holds meaning to the Maison.

Frédéric Boucheron was the first among the great contemporary jewellers to open a shop in Place Vendôme. Many other notable figures have resided there too since its birth in 1702, including Chopin, Coco Chanel and the Countess di Castiglione; who actually lived above Boucheron itself. 

26 V is the Boucheron family house, and the heart of its creative enterprise. Its windows have bore witness to so much history, from the erection, dismantlement, and re-installation of the Vendôme Column, to the sprinkling of a handful of Keith Harings ashes by Yoko Ono. 

The collection is an ode to the view of Paris from 26 V, offering a new perspective- Boucheron describes it as “modern, graphic and architectural.”

It’s a mosaic of components, mixing fantasy elements of a dream-state Paris with real ones: a paving stone from Place Vendome, The Grand Palais’s canopy and the aforementioned column. 

A theme of perspective is apparent throughout the collection. Superficially, of course, the collection is conceptually based on the perspective of Paris from the Boucheron Maison, but also elements of convertibility, and multi-purpose let the perspective of the wearer dictate how they will wear the jewels, injecting their own perspective of taste into the mix.

A series of jacks, brooches set with diamonds, on yellow gold, can traipse up the back of an otherwise plain dress- a statement- or just a carefully placed pair tipping the collar of a blazer, taking more understated approach. The decadent 'Armoiries', a long necklace set with a 32.22 ct pear imperial topaz and paved with diamonds, on yellow gold, can also be worn as a brooch. “The choice is ours”, Boucheron says.

For more information, visit: https://uk.boucheron.com/en_gb/

Image Credit: Boucheron


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