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Adam Jacobs is joint owner of Reading's oldest independent retail jewellery shop, Jacobs the Jewellers. The business has won accolades such as Winner: UK 'Jewellery Retailer of the Year' 2015; Inspiring Independent 2015; Independent Retailer of the Year 2015; Inspiring Independent 2013; Independent Retailer of the Year 2013 and Inspiring Independent 2012. Before joining the family business Adam had worked at Head Office, Marks & Spencer Plc and then at Evidently, a boutique marketing agency in London. Adam holds a BSc (Hons) in Management from Bath University.
Adam is a member of the National Association of Jewellers and is a Freeman of the Worshipful Company of Goldsmiths. He is a Committee Member of the Marketing and Communication Committees of both the National Association of Jewellers and the Worshipful Company of Goldsmiths. Adam is the Chairman of Reading UK CIC, a public/private partnership to promote and sustain the economic development of Reading. He is also a Council Member of Reading's Chamber of Commerce. He answers the Benchpeg Q&A.

What’s your name, and what do you for a living?

AJ: Adam Jacobs, co-owner Jacobs the Jewellers, independent retailers.

How did you come to work in the jewellery industry?

AJ: After 3 years working at M&S Head Office and 3 years at a boutique marketing agency in London I (and my parents) felt the time was right to come into the family business. 14 years later….

How would you describe your work to someone who doesn’t know it?

AJ: Multi-discplinary.

What is your creative process?

AJ: Whilst retail isn’t a creative process in a conventional sense, I do see it as such. Creating our environment, building and maintaining a fantastic team, a distinctive range all to appeal to a variety of customers and delivering great service consistently -  that’s an art and a science! I draw on personal experiences, books, other shops, other industries and peers. 

Where do you love to shop?

AJ: Anywhere that suits the kind of shopping I’m involved in. For run of the mill commodity purchases, bricks & mortar or online experiences that are quick, easy and get to the point - love it as it's not as easy as it sounds. For more unusual purchases, I prefer a physical shop and enjoy when warm and bright people help me, especially if there’s a genuine sense of character.   

What is your inspiration?

AJ: The thought that one day it might be just right, all of the time.

What piece of jewellery do you most treasure?

AJ: An an old moneyclip my wife gave to me when the twins were born. Alas, it was never full again.

What piece of jewellery do you most desire?

AJ: My late grandfather's signet ring that I misplaced years ago.

If you could only be remembered for one thing in your working life, what would it be?

AJ: That in the decades to come, our customers smile when they look at their Jacobs bought jewellery and remember the warm, professional and knowledgeable experience they had with my team.

What would be your advice to someone starting out in the industry?

AJ: Patience.

The Benchpeg Proust Q&A

  1. What’s your favourite work of art?
    AJ: A huge canvas hand painted explosion of random colours, googly eyes, fluffy pom poms and glitter that hangs above our fireplace painted by the twins, aged 2.

  2. Who from past or present would you invite to a dinner party for the evening?
    AJ: I’d happily gather all my closest friends together in one place - we’re so geographically disparate these days it never happens. And Elvis.

  3. Do you have any pets, if yes, what is their name?
    AJ: Just the twins, that’s plenty thank you.

  4. What is your most treasured possession?
    AJ: The business’s reputation.

  5. What would you consider a perfect day?
    AJ: Sunshine, fresh air, a good meal (ideally two), a happy family and a good night’s sleep. 

  6. Is there a favourite journey, trip or voyage you hold dear?
    AJ: I’m lucky enough to have done a little bit of travelling but always lived, worked and studied in 3 difference places along the M4. The exit signs on the M4 for Bath, Reading & lastly Hammersmith Flyover always make me smile.

  7. What is your greatest achievement?
    AJ: 242 lines of Tetris.

  8. What advice would tell your younger self?
    AJ: Enjoy your hair while you can.

  9. Can you sum yourself up in one word?
    AJ: No.

  10. What motto do you live by?
    AJ: Relax about not being able to abstract yourself to one word. 

Image credits: Images sourced from Adam Jacobs, Pinterest.


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