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Unique Apprenticeships at Cockpit Arts 
The only Apprenticeships of this kind being offered in the craft sector

Cockpit Arts has launched a new and unique Apprenticeship Programme for the craft industry and is seeking young people to take up new positions as studio assistants.  

The programme is the only one of its kind in the craft sector that gives young people transferrable skills to obtain work in any small and medium-sized creative enterprise. Piloted over the past few years, it is widely considered to be a pioneering initiative that helps craftspeople take on their first employees and offers an attractive employment route for young people choosing not to go to university.

The new Apprenticeships are a timely response to a recent study by the Crafts Council (Studying Craft 16 Findings: Apprenticeships). This highlighted that Apprenticeships offer flexible entry into craft careers but are a route for which the micro-businesses typical of the craft sector may need more support before they can contribute effectively.

Cockpit Arts is unique in that it provides support to craft employers at a stage when they are ready to grow and develop their businesses and take on employees. Apprentices gain insights into how small creative businesses are run, have close interaction with the makers and earn a wage while they learn.