Triple Parade 2018

Triple Parade 2018







Triple Parade


Call for Applications: TRIPLE PARADE 

The 4th TRIPLE PARADE Contemporary Jewellery Biennial 

TRIPLE PARADE Biennial, an prestigious international exhibition event holds the success spirit and high qualified soul as a good mediator between East and West. From the very start of itis devoted to the core awakening in contemporary art, applied arts and design from a perspective of jewellery.


This year, TRIPLE PARADE comes to the FOURTH celebration by the theme – DIALOGUE across the past, the present, the future.The event program ( exhibition, symposium, workshop, publication, lecture series ) will happen in Museum in SHANGHAI in China, during the period of the world-class 12th Shanghai Art Biennial and Shanghai International Design Week.

About the Themes

Dialogue, The Past & The Present & The Future

It does not only mean a logistic timeline within this theme, either “from the past to the future”, “from the future to the present”, or just single perspective from the future, but to discuss what is the essential value beyond of time being, that either has pasted, or the present or has not come yet. This value is what we aim for, especially for jewelry, that which can be created has value more beyond the demand for a jewelry and determines its physical value. “Value” is a creative process whose multiple approaches provide an unlimited sphere of definitions, and interpretations for the study of its role in three different time period. Creative practice had already proved its value in this early period as an important instrument for developmentand also for speculation about creating a future. Therefore, foremost with skillfully creating an object is that it first born out of pure necessity: the need for self-expression, or to create utilitarian objects, and then the subsequent need to create distinctions, be it class, social, economic. Using these objects both as a status symbols and as items to be collected. There is also the need to react societal situations, to which artists and designers, makers are known to be very responsive. That is in constant growth and is generating a wealth of new ideas than are enriching our mundane reality in the most imaginative manner. This theme has chosen a connecting innovative approach in its attempt to comprehend jewellery.

Call for Applications to the Biennial Exhibition

The TP Biennial exhibition structure is consisting in three sections:

  • Country’s Selection,
  • Gallery Selection,
  • Open Call Section.

Hereby, the OPEN CALL Section is opening for outstanding application for its honorable participators.

To be eligible for the 4th TRIPLE PARADE Biennial Exhibition.

Applicants may choose the below method to apply.


  • Application Deadline ( by email ) : 15th April 2018
  • Notification of selected application :25th April 2018
  • Work Transportation Deadline: 20th May 2018
    (only for the selected participates. EU, America, Oceania countries resident must deliver works to the office in the Netherlands, Asia countries resident to the office in China )
  • Exhibition Period: September 2018- December 2018 ( all selected pieces must be available till March 2019 )


1. Conditions of the works:
- Must be wearable jewellery piece
- Contains artistic achievement or innovative point of view
- There is no nationality, ethnicity, background limitation. 
- Highly encourage the emerging jewellery artist and designer to apply.

2. Fee and How to submit:
Free application fee, the successful selected entries must take the responsibility of delivery of the jewellery piece to the TPBOCappointed address later on.

Please send complete applications electronically with a subject line ‘Your Surname+ TP2018’ ( eg: Lucas TP2018 ) with following documents ( English language only ), by no later than midnight 15th April2018, to:

- Application Form ( Please send a email to ask for it ) 
- CV in Word. format
- 2-4 pieces( orcollections ), digital images(jpeg format, less than 1 MB )
- The title, material, dimensiondescriptionof the submitted piecesin Word. format. 
- Short Artistic Statement ( optional )

3. The successful selected applicants for this exhibition means at least: 
- Exhibition Participation and Book Publication 
- TP Think-Tank Member for Future Collaboration
- Honorable Mention Promotions Internationally on TP and Collaboration PR Website
-To be Candidates of Invitation( with funding) to attend the Biennial Event/ Symposium in Shanghai. 
- Potential purchase by Collector( A special Auction House will be organized )