Traditional Online Enamelling Courses

Traditional Online Enamelling Courses








Naomi Nevill


Traditional Online Enamelling Courses

Naomi Nevill is announcing the release of her highly anticipated online enamelling masterclasses. The traditional enamelling and champlevé courses are highly detailed, helping both beginners and more experienced enamellers to achieve consistent and beautiful results.

Thanks to a scholarship awarded by QEST, an organisation that supports excellence in British craftsmanship through scholarship and apprenticeship funding, Naomi became protege of master enameller and engraver Phil Barnes, along with having one-on-one training in Cloisonné wiring with Fred Rich. Through learning engraving for enamel and champleve, she gained insights into these traditional techniques and has been working to master them while experimenting and finding new ways to help her students.

Her goal is to teach traditional enamelling as it was taught by the old masters, but through this new medium she can reach many more people around the world, offering free lessons and affordable courses.