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The Creative Business


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25th October - 8th November


Antonia Beck


‘The Creative Business’ is a collaborative research project setup by artist and creative producer Antonia Beck, and Dr Jacob Salder (Centre for Enterprise, Innovation and Growth, Birmingham City University).

This project will look to better understand business practice in the creative sector, specifically focusing on arts / performance-based creative industries. The objective of the project is to support and examine development for arts-based businesses, in particular how this relates to and can be informed by more mainstream approaches. It is expected this project will contribute toward enhancing understanding of the development needs of arts-based creative industries, and through this inform policy and funding.

Professional Development Workshops
As part of this project, we are organising two professional development workshops to examine and discuss business practices amongst arts-based creative industries. In these sessions we will explore similarities between business practise in arts-based creative industries and more conventional sectors, identifying what is unique or distinctive about arts-based creative industries. We will also discuss the different approaches to business amongst participants as part of a reflective learning exercise.

We would like to invite 8-10 arts-based creative industries to take part in these two free workshops.

The workshops will take place on Tuesday 25th October and Tuesday 8th November at Birmingham City University in central Birmingham.

For more information and details on how to apply, please follow this link

Applications should be received by midday on Monday 10th October 2016. 

Antonia Beck