The Arts & Crafts Design Award 2018

The Arts & Crafts Design Award 2018


Call for Appliations






Arts & Crafts Design Award


Call for Applications: The Arts & Crafts Design Award 2018

The Arts & Crafts Design Award is an international, annual competition for all nominated artisans, craftspeople and designers. The primary aim of the award is to honour and support the best ideas and concepts and recognise its excellent realization.

Applications are now open to all non-nominated Artisans, Craftspeople and Designers to apply for Nomination to get the opportunity to participate at this international prestigious Arts & Crafts Design Award 2018.

Please note - only as a selected Nominee you are able to take part at this Competition.


The contest is open for all nominated professional, amateur and student craftspeople and designers from any country.

The Award is not divided in different categories; rather it covers all Arts and Crafts-ideas and design concepts. 

Applicants must be 18 years of age or older.

Application Process

The Competition will be exclusively held on the web and includes three selection steps:

(1) Pre-selection by the internal jury (Nomination) 

(2) Presentation Round (Online participants catalogue) 

(3) Award Selection.

The competition will exclusively be held on the web.

How to Apply

To apply for nomination you can easily use the following online-application-form by using the subject Apply :

Uppon receipt of the application form we will make ourselves familiar with the proposed work based on the artists webpage and/or submitted images of their works. Then the Arts & Crafts Design Award Jury will consider nomination if the body of work reaches the requirements.

The requirements which are used by the jury for the nomination are: the creativity, originality, production-technique and artistic quality. The pre-selection / nomination is made to ensure the overall provided creativity, originality, production-technique and artistic quality which is meant for this international Arts & Crafts Design Award,


" To be nominated for the Arts & Crafts Design Award is a great achievement and a proof of fantastic artistic quality of the nominated artist. The carefully pre-selected group of nominees is an exclusive circle of artists, with outstanding talent and excellent craftsmanship. All of  them are representing in a marvellous way the ideas of the A&CDA

After receiving our confirmation e-mail of nomination, it is possible to register as described in the “submit” section on our website . It will be a great pleasure and honor for us to present your work at the Arts & Crafts Design Award 2018.