My Carbon Family Commission




West midlands




Cara Flynn


'My Carbon Family' Sculpture Commissions, Creative Giants


Every one of us causes a vast amount of energy-intensive materials to be used every year, with high CO2 emissions to match. My Carbon Family is an innovative multimedia project to help people to better understand the unseen carbon emissions from materials we all use. A ‘family’ of sculptures are being commissioned to, in effect, work as a 3-D sculptural bar chart.

BBC News will make five digital videos and a World TV documentary / iplayer examining the production and use of the materials whilst also documenting the artists whilst they create their individual pieces. The making of the sculptures will provide a visual narrative to the broadcast materials.

This is a public art project funded by Coventry City Council and in partnership with Coventry City of Culture Trust. Initially proposed by BBC journalist Roger Harrabin and Artist Simon Bingle, Creative Giants have been brought on-board to manage this project of which the outcome will be a public artwork – My Carbon Family. It will encourage a dialogue with Coventry residents and visitors regarding their own carbon footprint and a wider discussion of the Climate Crisis.

The artworks will consist of a group of five sculptural forms to be installed together in a central city outdoor location (tbc). Each artwork will be created by a different artist with Coventry and Midlands artists and makers particularly sought, although other UK artists are also encouraged to apply.

The artworks themselves will each be made using one specific material, cement, steel, aluminum, plastic and paper/card. These represent the five main materials contributing to climate change due to the amount of carbon-intensive energy used in their manufacture. These forms will be based on human size, loosely anthropomorphic in form and non gendered. 

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