Makers' Marathon

Makers' Marathon


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Katie Slee


The Makers' Marathon

Fuel your creativity: a peer-led adventure for makers & artists

Do you love making stuff? Does the idea of trying out new techniques fill you with glee? Do you want to cultivate your creativity in the company of other curious and crafty people?

The Makers' Marathon is a multidisciplinary, peer-led Learning Marathon for those who itch to create. Over 6 months we’ll experiment and collaborate as we grow ourselves and our practices, together.

Whether you’re a pro or a hobbyist, this peer group will unlock possibilities for your craft. We’ll share techniques, swap skills and fuel each other’s exploration. The journey will end with a collaborative showcase event, weaving together our unique talents and sharing our learning with the world.

Wait, what's a Learning Marathon?

The Learning Marathon is a six-month peer-learning accelerator that helps participants to tackle a steep learning curve, alongside a group of others doing the same. At its heart, the Learning Marathon is a collective journey that connects, supports and fuels a group of people as they grow themselves, together.

What will I get?

  • 12x fortnightly practical workshops, designed by participants for each another
  • A melting pot of creative minds - food for thought and action
  • Buddy sessions, coaching, 2x power up days, a collaborative exhibition
  • A makers' toolbox, brimming with materials recommended by your peers
  • Purpose, accountability and growth

Curious to know more? Check out the Makers' Marathon. Bursaries available.