Funded studio space at Cockpit

Funded studio space at Cockpit


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Funded studio space at Cockpit 

Cockpit is home to over 160 of the UK’s most exciting makers. As a result of incredible support from their partners, Cockpit have three awards now open to new makers looking to grow their business and profile.  

Every maker gets bespoke business training, a chance to showcase work at our biannual open studios – where you’ll be seen by buyers, curators, collectors and press – and a place in a thriving, globally respected community

Cockpit are looking for sky-high creativity and craft skills, and a can-do entrepreneurial spirit.

Apply now for:

Cockpit Arts Society Bursary
A bursary for professional craftspeople using traditional craft skills, including skills at risk of dying out. You'll be following in the footsteps of the likes of Meron Wolde, Kendall Clarke and current awardee Anna Stefanou.

Rosalind Stracey Ceramic Award at Cockpit
An award for ceramicists who dare to experiment and take risks with their practice. Currently held by Anne Athena, past recipients include equally blazing talents Simon Kidd and Nico Conti.

The Needlemakers’ Award at Cockpit
A brand-new award at Cockpit for a maker who uses needles in any stage in their making process.