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Call for Applications: Silver Society's Early Career Silver Group

The Silver Society have created an ‘Early Career Silver Group’ (ECSG).

The group sets out to nurture members at a relatively early stage of their ‘journey with silver’ including collectors, students, and early professionals in the silver world such as curators, dealers and silversmiths.

The ECSG will host a series of activities, alongside the core events of the society, in a more informal ambiance and taking account of work/study commitments of young professionals and students, to ease their way into the silver world.

All those under the age of 35 at the start of the subscription year or anyone who is changing career or embarking in post graduate studies, regardless of their age, are eligible for this membership category.

The first event, which the society will shortly advertise, will be the ECSG networking event hosted on zoom and will be an informal opportunity to meet the ECSG committee and hear their stories about how they came to be involved in the world of silver and what their silver interests are.

We'll also show a few pieces of silver and open up a friendly chat about these - hopefully a good way to get to know a bit more about interesting objects and other people in the room!

The event online will be free to attend, please see contact details on the flyer.