Craftsmanship & Design Awards 2017




Goldsmiths' Hall, London


January - March 2017


The Goldsmiths’ Craft and Design Council


The Goldsmiths’ Craft and Design Council is a non profit making organisation founded over one hundred years ago in 1908. Today, the Council continues its work from its original remit:

" encourage, stimulate and promote the pursuit of excellence in craftsmanship and design amongst all those in the United Kingdom who work within silversmithing, goldsmithing, jewellery and the allied crafts."

The Council Awards embrace every aspect of craft and design activity currently being practiced in the UK industry. Diverse and wide ranging, the skill set of British silversmithing, jewellery and allied trades is showcased annually as part of the Council’s unique national competition to which there is no parallel in the UK.

All submissions entered into the competition are judged by skilled and experienced practitioners drawn from their specialist fields of expertise within the profession. Through this process of peer inspection and interrogation, work is endorsed by professionals to the highest standards and objectives set by the Council, thus validating the status and quality of these awards.

The Council promotes and encourages participation in the competition by means of an exhibition which displays winners’ work at Goldsmiths’ Hall annually.

9th January - Entry Forms Online 
13th January - Delivery for Sections 1-7 - Post or in person 
23rd - 25th January - Delivery for Sections - 8-24 Post or in person 
27th February Awards Evening - By Invitation, Goldsmiths’ Hall
28th Feb - 3rd March - Exhibition Open to Public, Goldsmiths’ Hall
9th - 10th March - Collect work In Person, Goldsmiths’ Hall