Contrasts Contemporary Jewellery Fair 2017

Contrasts Contemporary Jewellery Fair 2017


Call for Applications


St Johns Hall​, 120 Redhill Rd, Rowland's Castle PO9 6DF


m - 4pm, Saturday 11th November 2017


Jonquil Tonge and Sylvia Tomkinson.


Contrasts Contemporary Jewellery Fair

Contrasts Contemporary Jewellery Fair is open to applcations for its 2017 event to be held in St Johns Hall, Rowlands Castle, on Saturday 11th November 2017, 10am-4pm.

This is the ninth Contemporary Jewellery Fair in Rowlands Castle and its reputation is growing.

About the Venue

St Johns Hall comprises two halls linked by a very wide archway and a kitchen where refreshments will be served.  The halls are light and airy with plenty of power sockets. There is a Shell Garage, shop, ATM and a Harvester Restaurant close by. The hall has parking for up to 40 cars.


We have approx. 24 spaces and various options regarding bookings

  • £55 for a 6ft table in the large hall, table provided by us.
  • £48 for a 6ft table in the large hall, if you bring your own table 
  • £38 for a 4ft table in the small hall, table provided by us.
  • £65 for an 8ft table in the small hall, table provided by us.

Event Dates

10am - 4pm, Saturday 11th  November 2017


St Johns Hall, 120 Redhill Rd, Rowland's Castle PO9 6DF

More Information

  • Your own display cases can also be used but we MUST know the size in advance in order to allocate sufficient space. 
  • In case of increased interest this year a selection process may need to be put in place. 
  • Please return the application form along with a 50% deposit and three images of your work.  
  • If any applications are not accepted the deposit will be returned in full. 
  • The work on display MUST be designed and made by the exhibitor and you must have your own Public Liability Insurance.  
  • Entries will only be accepted when the deposit is received.  
  • Final payment must be made by 30th September.

To Apply

Please send electronic copy of application forms, a copy of your Insurance Certificate & a couple of images of your work to   

To request an application form please email 


An artist’s statement, website address and images will be used on our web page for advertising.  

If you do not want these made public please let us know.

About the Organisers

This event is independently run by Jonquil Tonge and Sylvia Tomkinson.  

If you have any queries please email or phone Jonquil Tonge 02392 413871.