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Call for Applications




July 2019


Cockpit Arts


Call for Applications: The London Creative Network (LCN) Programme 

The London Creative Network (LCN) Programme is Cockpit Arts' professional development programme designed to help craft makers in London to enhance their ability to advance their business.

All makers who join our nine part workshop programme will be better equipped to:

  • Develop strategic vision and identify goals and milestones, from the short to long term
  • Plan for the business and practice, by articulating business values clearly
  • Prepare to introduce new product ranges or services, or work in a new way
  • Understand how to target audience and market, and effectively communicate to them
  • Understand numbers and what is needed to be financially sustainable
  • Improve businesses capacity for growth

Application Deadline

The current application round will be open until the 14 July.

For More Information

Full details of the programme, selection criteria, application form and deadline information can be found here: