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Call for Papers - Journal of Jewellery Research

The call for full papers is now open and the submission deadline is:
June 30, 2017

The Journal of Jewellery Research (JJR) is the first peer-reviewed online and open-access publication that focuses on the design, theory and praxis of jewellery studies. It promotes jewellery research into materials, techniques, technologies, methodologies, processes, concepts and aesthetics.

The journal provides an interdisciplinary arena for the discussion and analysis of jewellery. This spans conceptual, practical, pedagogical and cultural contexts across both contemporary and historical timeframes and at the intersections between jewellery and other disciplines.

We aim to publish original papers that have demonstrable research and a clear contribution to existing knowledge – to this end we foster submissions from practitioners, researchers, theorists, curators, and historians. 

JJR publishes original papers in two forms of academic paper: Conventional and Visual/Textual – please see descriptions of each and formatting requirements in the official web site.

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To Submit Papers
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Journal of Jewellery Research
Roberta Bernabei, Jayne Wallace and Sandra Wilson