Dead Darlings, Current Obsession

Call for Entries: Dead Darlings, Current Obsession


Call for Entries


Springhouse, Amsterdam


16th November 2019


Current Obsession


Call for Entries: Dead Darlings, Current Obsession

16th November 2019

Springhouse, Amsterdam

Dead Darlings is an anonymous art auction founded in Amsterdam in 2005 as a platform to explore the complex love triangle between artist, artwork, and collector. Combining elements of performance and exhibition, their focus is on artifacts whose value is ambiguous: dead darlings. This refers to a work that has been created, yet for any variety of reasons, has not been brought to light. Through an open call, they give makers the opportunity to revisit those ‘failed’ works. A cross section of artists and makers are invited to submit their darlings, those are then auctioned anonymously at low and inclusive starting prices. To ensure value is placed on the piece a buyer loves, not one that has commercial ‘value’ the names of the makers are only revealed after the sale is final.

Dead Darlings is staging the 12th edition of their collective’s Auction-performance, in collaboration with Current Obsession, during the second edition of OBSESSED! Jewellery Festival this November, 2019.


The auction is on the 16th of November at Springhouse in Amsterdam

Application Deadline

Click here to submit your Darling before 10th Oct. 2019

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