Call for Applications: Legnica Internat ional Jewellery Competition 2018

Call for Applications: Legnica Internat ional Jewellery Competition 2018


Call for Applications




May 2018



Call for Applications: 27th Legnica International Jewellery Competition

Applications are now open for the 27th Legnica International Jewellery Competition as part of the Legnica Jewellery Festival Silver 2018 under the patronage of The Minister of Culture and National Heritage Poland.

About the Competition

The aim of the exhibition is to present the most interesting accomplishments of contemporary jewellery art. The submitted works should be jewellery in the broad sense of the term, display creativity as well as high standards of design and execution.

The Organizers set no restrictions as to the materials and techniques employed but to honour the competition’s almost 40-year-long tradition, the inclusion of silver in the work is expected.

Competition Theme: Illusion

It is not certain what was first: a man or an illusion? One can imagine life without a man, but without illusions? Perhaps it would not be us if it were not for an illusion, but ultimately, we live with it in an inseparable weave like jing and yang.

It is impossible to do without it in everyday reality. It is widely used and used for various purposes. Most often as a means, an instrument, a method to surprise, manipulate, deceive, cheat, and finally achieve the intended effect, a specific goal. Not necessarily morally reprehensible.

Illusion can be defined in various ways, located in different orders, from physical and aesthetic to psychosocial and political. Although it apparently originates from the neutral world of optics, in fact it seems to be that fleeting and ambivalent filter, lens, stained glass between the sacred and profanum, the unconscious cause of our triumphs and disasters, the source of beauty and nightmare, pleasure and pain, truth and falseness, love and loneliness. In a word - a remedy for all evil, but often with side effects.

Illusion is a paradox in which the phenomenon, by its very nature, illusory, false and fictitious, is used to describe real reality, considered to be the only true one. And yet the very possibility of illusion is an invitation to negate reality, to take advantage of alternative reality. Illusion is thus confirmation of how duality and ambiguity we are. And that - perhaps - it is impossible to define a man without the concept of illusion, illusory imagination, transgression of reality.

Illusion, a substitute for fulfilled dreams, but also a causative spirit for everything. Although he deceives, he misleads, he can also be creative and creative, because illusions inspire and initiate actions, they force to concrete actions. Illusion is a kind of attractive, often risky game and play with others or yourself. A kind of challenge, searching, denial, provocation and discord on the known reality. But also medicines and escapes from it, from a different perspective to better understand the world, "heal the soul" or just to meet the demand for adrenaline. It seems to be everything, although it is not (?) God. Out of this unbridled need for illusion, art was created, including jewelry ... Because illusion is a glow, magic, dazzle, fantasy, it's emotions, memory and an inexhaustible source of stories, so why should not we give it up this time.

The Jury

  1. The works will be assessed by the international jury.
  2. The Jury will meet on the 11th - 12th April 2018.
  3. The artist’s interpretation of the theme of the competition will be the basic criterion for the Jury to qualify works for the exhibition and award prizes. The submitted works may be accompanied by a short commentary (one sentence) which will be included in the catalogue.
  4. The Jury’s decisions are final and cannot be challenged in the court of law.
  5. The list of the classified persons will be publish at Festival’s site: till 27th April 2018.

Awards And Prizes In The Competence Of The Jury

  • I. Grand Prix 10.000 PLN (c.a 2380 euro)* + 1 kg of silver
  • II. 2nd Award 5.000 PLN (c.a 1190 euro)* + 1 kg of silver
  • III. Award of the Mayor of the City of Legnica 3.000 PLN (c.a 715 euro)* + 1 kg of silver
  • IV. Award of the Gallery of Art in Legnica solo exhibition with catalogue worth 1000 euro
  • V. The Organizers’ Special Award for creative courage,

uncompromising attitude, innovation or sense of humour statuette “Silver Spur” + 1 kg of silver

  1. The Jury reserves the right to distribute the prizes in a manner different than specified above.
  2. It has become the competition’s tradition that the winners of the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Prize donate the prize-winning work

(one work) to the Organizer – the Gallery of Art in Legnica – to augment its Legnica International Collection of Contemporary Jewellery.

Prizes beyond the competence of the jury

INHORGENTA MUNICH Award free stand at INHORGENTA MUNICH in 2019 worth 2000 euro

The Joachim Sokólski Award

established by the Polish Modern Art Foundation 1 kg of silver

Polish Jewellery Award free stand at Summer Trade Fair JUBINALE in Cracow in 2019

Polish Jewellery Award advertisement in PB catalogue in 2019

Honorable mention of the Goldsmithing Artists` Association statuette and diploma

Honorable mention of the Director of the Gallery of Art in Legnica diploma

In this category the choice of the prize-winner is made by the founders of the award or upon their permission by the Jury.

Date and Place of The Exhibition

1st May - 10th June 2018

Opening ceremony: 19th May 2018

Exhibition space: The Gallery of Art in Legnica, Plac Katedralny 1

The Organizers plan to present the exhibition in chosen cities in Poland and abroad.


  1. The exhibition will be accompanied by an invitation, poster and a catalogue presenting works selected by the jury to the main exhibition.
  2. Every artist whose works are selected by the jury to the main exhibition will receive one copy of the catalogue free of charge.
  3. The Organizers reserve the right to publish photos of works free of charge in publications of the Gallery of Art, press, television

and other forms of visual documentation for promotional purposes.

Final Provisions

  1. The exhibition of selected works will be accompanied by the presentation of works of the Jurors.
  2. The Organizers are liable for submitted works from the time of receiving them until they are returned to the artist in person at the gallery or dispatched via mail or shipping company - in case of losing the package post or courier company is responsible according to its rules.
  3. 3. In the case of any damage or loss the object while in the Organizer’s care or during the exhibition, the Organizers will cover the cost of its restoration.

*Exchange rate of EURO on 16.01.2018. Award in PLN will be converted to EURO in accordance with exchange rate on 19.05.2018, less tax due.

Application Deadline

The deadline for submitting works is 3 April 2018.

Application Form

For More Information

Legnica Jewellery Festival SILVER 2017

Dates:  27th April - 11th June 2017

Culmination: 19th – 20st of May 2017

Venue: Gallery of Art in Legnica, Poland