Business Catalyst (Small) Grants

Business Catalyst (Small) Grants






April 2024


The Goldsmiths' Centre


Call for Applications: Business Catalyst (Small) Grants

Do you want to grow your business?

The Goldsmiths' Centre are looking to support you and up to 10 businesses per year with a Business Catalyst (Small) Grant of £1,000 (including VAT), if you can demonstrate creativity, and present how these funds could accelerate you to the next phase of your growth.

Whether you sell direct to consumers or work within the trade, their grants can help you to get your plans off the ground, providing you with essential equipment, marketing tools or specialist knowledge.

£1,000 grants for sole traders and small businesses

Grant amount: 

£1,000 (including VAT)

Applications close: 

Sunday 21 April 2024, 5pm (Round 2) 

Number of grants available: 

10 per year 

What are Business Catalyst (Small) Grants?

The Goldsmiths' Centre believe in inclusivity and social mobility in the jewellery, silversmithing and allied industries. Our £1,000 (including VAT) Small Business Catalyst Grants are open to applicants who are resident in the UK and have recently completed, or have undertaken a formal mentoring programme, business consultancy or business diagnostic programme, such as (but not exclusive to) the Goldsmiths’ Centre’s in the past 12-months. These grants have been funded by philanthropic giving from current members of the Goldsmiths’ Company.

*Our Business Diagnostic and Advice sessions for Jewellers and Silversmiths at the Goldsmiths’ Centre are free to attend, if you are experiencing financial difficulty. To prove your eligibility, you will need to apply for one of our Access Grants. Completing the application form for our Access Grants only takes 5 minutes and we are able to guide you through the process if you have any questions.

What can the grant be used for?

A Business Catalyst (Small) Grant will help you to grow your business and move your plans forward to the next stage. Funds must be used within 12 months of being received. You can use your grant to: 

  • Purchase new equipment, such as new IT equipment or machinery and tools to produce a new product. 
  • Develop new products or services, by, for example, realising a digital marketing strategy, such as new brand identity, website development or object photography.  
  • Adopt new processes and new ways of working, such as adaptations to your workshop or access to mentoring to realise a new production process or operation. 

Your proposal must demonstrate a commitment to successful business growth – whether that is an increase in sales, productivity or profitability, or the potential to create new employment opportunities or an improvement in business processes. 

If your application is successful, you will be asked to provide a short report to explain how the grant has been used and what impact it has had on your business.