AUTOR International Contemporary Jewelry Fair

AUTOR International Contemporary Jewelry Fair


Call for Applications


Bucharest, Romania


28 – 29 May 2022




AUTOR International Contemporary Jewelry Fair happens on 28 – 29 MAY, in Bucharest, Romania.

New deadline for applying at AUTOR Fair, the 19th edition: Sunday, 3th of April

Jewelry has the ability to create feelings, birth emotions and generate energy. People have become more aware that it is not merely an accessory, but an extension of their personality, a symbol of connection, love and a passionate life.

At AUTOR we believe that meeting in person is essential, especially for a domain such as jewelry.

For a successful application, the jury is expecting the following:

  • select at least five different pieces from the collection you want to show at the fair;
  • under “Collection Pictures” upload web resolution photos (jpg or png) of your work on a neutral background OR on a human model (shoot), or a combination of these two. We recommend you to upload a selection of minimum ten pictures. Professional pictures saved with your name are required.
  • a “Designer Profile Pic – meaning a portrait of you. Be creative, show us you do wear jewelry.
  • a “Designer biography” – a short text describing your evolution as a jeweler and your creative vision, 300 words maximum.
  • a “Description of the collection” – a short text describing the concept of your collection. Keep this in mind: What is the core message reflected in my collection I want to send out in the world? 300 words maximum.

If you apply for a collective stand with more designers then: at “Collection Pictures” sent at least four images per member. Save each photo with your collective name in the front, followed by the individual member’s name. “Designer biography” becomes “Collective biography”, meaning your raison d’etre to function as a group.

To take part in the application process, there is an application fee of 20 euros, to be paid after finalising the submission process. The registration fee is non refundable.