Assay Master’s 25th Anniversary Commission 2018

Assay Master’s 25th Anniversary Commission 2018




Sheffield Assay Office




Emma Paragreen


The Sheffield Assay Office
Assay Master’s 25th Anniversary Commission 2018

Commission Opportunity

This commission is to mark the 25th Anniversary (1993 – 2018) of the Assay Master, Mr Ashley Carson.

  • The Assay Master has requested that a silversmith design and make him a drinking vessel.
  • The vessel will be used at a celebratory event on Tuesday 23rd October 2018.
  • The commission is open to any silversmith who is currently registered with Sheffield Assay Office.

The Brief

Design and make a drinking vessel, the vessel must hold up to 250ml of liquid.

  • The vessel must be made from silver but can incorporate other precious or non-precious metals or materials. If other metals are to be used - be aware of the mixed metal hallmarking act, ensure that the piece can be hallmarked.
  • The vessel must be hallmarked at Sheffield Assay Office hallmark and to incorporate the Made in Sheffield mark.
  • Some outsourcing / subcontracting of work may necessary but the Assay Master strongly encourages that the piece be made by their own hand and would like the piece to incorporate some planishing.


Deadline for Submission of Entries

by Friday 2nd March 2018, 4pm please include with your application, a current CV, statement, design and costings.

Send To

Please email to Emma Paragreen, or post to Sheffield Assay Office, Guardians’ Hall, 2 Beulah Road, Sheffield, S6 2AN.


The selected maker will be informed by Thursday 29th March 2018

The Work must be completed and delivered to Sheffield Assay Office by Friday 5th October 2018 and the selected silversmith will be invited to attend the celebratory dinner on Tuesday 23rd October 2018.


£2500.00 inclusive of VAT is available for this commission plus materials.

Payment will be in two parts:

  1. The precious metal plus £500.00
  2. Balance of £2000.00 on delivery of the vessel to Sheffield Assay Office.

Ownership / Copyright

The Sheffield Assay Office commission will remain property of the Sheffield Assay Office and accessioned into the collection.

Copyright remains with the artist. The artists shall be credited as the author of the work in any promotional material produced by Sheffield Assay Office featuring this work.