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Antwerp, Belgium




Museum DIVA


Call for Applications: Jewellery / Silversmithing Artist in Residence

Museum DIVA

Antwerp, Belgium

Museum DIVA is inviting promising jewellery designers and silversmiths to take part in its artist in residence programme at Studio DIVA in Antwerp. In this fully-equipped production atelier residents are given time, space and professional support to research and experiment within their field.

Leading creatives, curators, theoreticians and gallery owners will visit the individual participants at Studio DIVA during their residency, giving them the benefit of feedback on their practice and their sector from a variety of standpoints.

As well as the production atelier, DIVA boasts a specialized library which, along with DIVA’S in-house expertise and, of course, the rich and diverse museum collection, serves as an invaluable source of information and inspiration for residents.  

Each resident will have the opportunity to conduct a dialogue with the public in the form of an artist talk and a presentation. This encounter with the public and other professionals from the sector is an important part of the residency. 

Who can apply?

Applicants must have successfully completed a relevant course within the field of either jewellery design or silversmithing. A shortlist of applicants will be drawn up by a team of experts put together by the museum.   


There are two periods when the atelier will be available to residents. A maximum of two residents will share the atelier during each period. Each resident will spend six weeks at the Studio either in period 1 or in period 2. You choose one period in your application.

  • Period 1: 7 September 2020 to 16 October 2020
  • Period 2: 18 January 2021 to 26 February 2020

Practical arrangements

DIVA will provide the artists in residence with accommodation in Antwerp. The residents are responsible for their travel costs and day-to-day living expenses. Each resident will receive a limited working budget allocated on a case by case basis in accordance with the project.

Interested in applying?

Candidates should submit a project proposal and outline what they plan to achieve during their residency. Priority will be given to projects that contribute to the participant’s development. Use the form below for your application. The deadline for periods 1 and 2 is 17 May 2020.

Application form 



If you have any questions, please email

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