Call for Applications




3 to 9 August 2020


Ruudt Peters


Call for Applications: AFFLATUS NOW

The NOW workshop, founded by Ruudt Peters in 2000 and now in its twentieth year, will take place once again.

Titled AFFLATUS NOW, the workshop will be held from 3 to 9 August 2020 at Peter's summer studio in the countryside of the Netherlands, where he continues his teaching with a private program intended for students or graduates of art academies, and artists/designers/teachers that seek to deepen their work. Every year an international group of fine art artists and jewellery-makers participates in his workshop.

Peters has always been inspired by the great ancient myths and rightly treasures them.

AFFLATUS, which literally means breath, is a term used more in its figurative conception, as an artistic inspiration, poetic and divine inspiration, which in ancient culture were considered to be one single status.

The intent of the workshop, probably unique, is not only to provide technical training and tools for the development of creative projects, but also to stimulate the student to direct their gaze towards that 'plus’ that makes each being and each work of art unique, true and present.

Just to quote his own words: ‘In this workshop AFFLATUS NOW we learn how to look, work and talk. We have to stand for what we are, and what we are making. AFFLATUS NOW is a workshop where we will discover and explore the power of the maker. You will fine tune and connect with our own spirit, guiding yourself on the way to delve deeper into your own visual language and see yourself better. Together we will blow the divine wind into objects.

In AFFLATUS NOW we emphasize an awareness of your place as artist/jewellery-maker in the jewellery field and we question your images and habits and firmly confront you with them in art and art-jewellery making. AFFLATUS NOW is about strength; we will positively convert this energy into art and art- jewellery. ‘

The AFFLATUS NOW course is built on a step-by-step process of education in which an end product is not the most important goal. The emphasis lies on personal guidance and development. The participants are given the tools with which to continue this process on their own. By means of direct action people learn to take steps.

Applications are now accepted especially for students from art-schools.

There are 4 grants for young art-students and recent graduates who have completed studies in the last year.  Students who receive the grant will also have to do some supporting work during the workshop. 

The deadline for applying is May 1.

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Ruudt Peters has been professor at three of the most prestigious universities in Europe, the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam 1990-2000, Ädellab at Konstfack University of Arts and Crafts in Stockholm 2004-2009, Alchimia Contemporary Jewellery School in Florence 2009-2015. At the moment Peters is board member of “MASieraad", a foundation