Sound and Vision: Zeemou Zeng reveals the inspiration behind his jewellery


Zeemou Zeng’s ‘Melody’ Collection: A Treat for the Eyes and Ears

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Zeemou Zeng, an IJL ‘Bright Young Gem’ winner, follows up his debut ‘Venus’ collection with one that incorporates celebrates the beauty- and musicality- of pearls. The recent graduate designs contemporary fine jewellery and accessories, drawing from his extensive knowledge of craftsmanship and experience with different materials (such as precious metals, glass, gemstones and porcelain.)

Zeemou Zeng 'Melody' Collection

Zeemou Zeng 'Melody' Collection

Zeemou originally studied interior and architecture design in China, before graduating from the London University of Arts- the collection is a perfect amalgamation of design functionality and beauty- and is testament to the breadth of his studies. Each piece in the collection incorporates a unique movement mechanism- this movement not only creates a new look each time the jewellery is worn, but also creates a different sound, depending on the length of the tube used.

This beautiful collection- designed in 18 carat yellow, white and rose gold, with Japanese Akoya white pearls and Tahitian black pearls- consists of rings pendants, bangles and earrings. 

Zeemou Zeng 'Melody' Collection

As the main inspiration for his work, Zeemou credits his own mother, stating: ‘’She is a gentle and beautiful woman. She suffered a terrible accident in a fire when I was nine years old, leaving her with scars all over her body. It was a miracle she survived. Then she suffered from breast cancer. The way she fought really changed my perspective on women- showing me how powerful and strong a woman can be. I want to empower women with my jewellery as well as show my admiration and respect for all women. That’s why my first collection is called the ‘Venus’ Collection.’’ 

Zeemou Zeng 'Venus' Collection


Zeemou exhibited last week at International Jewellery London, as one of their Bright Young Gem, he adds ‘’Being nominated as a Bright Young Gem is the highlight of my career.’’


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